My female freedom

Kamroen Farzan, founder Breastflower

Lots of love from me to you!
Hi beautiful woman!

Breastflower is a breast jewel for you, for me, for us. A symbol for our inner strength, freedom, and femininity.

My name is Kamroen Farzan and I’m grateful for your attention to Breastflower. A breast jewel to be worn whenever you wish. Because you are in charge of choosing your own path and living your own life, while loving yourself and others. I would like to share my story with you, in order to inspire you as well as other women to discover your own ways and reinforce your power. Since I believe that every woman, from within her own strength, attempts to move on after going through breast cancer and a mastectomy.

The moment in my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer

In January 2018, when I was 51, I took the national population screening for breast cancer for the first time. They told me it didn’t look good. A week after the screening I got a call from my GP, who told me a spot had been discovered in my left breast. In that moment, my world fell apart. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. It felt completely surreal. It was like being pushed on a moving train, and only after my surgery I was allowed to get off again. The same year I got breast cancer and the mastectomy my father died, with whom I shared a close connection. Altogether it was so much to deal with that I started feeling gloomy and depressed. I had a very difficult time. I decided to quit my job to reflect upon my life. Fortunately, after a while I started to feel stronger and more positive. I felt grateful that my body had succeeded in beating breast cancer, and during that process the idea for Breastflower was born.

How I came up with the idea for Breastflower

I completely stand by my choice for a mastectomy. But I've noticed that at times when I'm naked, I don't want to be confronted with my scar. There are days you’re fine with the whole situation and you feel okay about your scar, but there are also moments the scar is bothering or hindering you. When it comes to your choice of clothing, for example, such as wearing that cute, low-cut top or blouse. Or in bed, during intimacy. One night, I was lying in bed and my eye fell on a flower corsage laying on my dressing table. Inspiration struck me—I picked it up, stepped in front of the mirror, and held up the corsage in front of my scar. Then something special happened … The sight of myself gave me such a good feeling. I didn’t see a scar anymore, but a complete body shape with two breasts. Very original and elegant, like a breast jewel. I put my hands on my hips and felt so beautiful, powerful, and proud. I was glowing. In that moment, the idea for Breastflower was born.

My wish to share Breastflower with other women with a mastectomy

Initially, I put Breastflower’s prototype together myself and wore it as a breast jewel on my scar. When I noticed the positive effect Breastflower was having on me, how happy and confident it made me feel, I really wanted to share that feeling with other women who—just like me—have a mastectomy. Through Breastflower, I want to show that mastectomy isn’t weird, negative, or even scary. Rather, you are free to decide whether you want to beautify your scar. That way, you are in charge and that makes you feel powerful. My female freedom.

I’ve had surgery for my breast cancer at Alexander Monro in Bilthoven (the Netherlands), a hospital specialised in breast cancer. My surgeon Liesbeth Veenendaal has helped me enormously with making my decision for mastectomy. When I continued developing Breastflower, I wanted other women with mastectomy to try it out as well. I reached out to Alexander Monro Hospital and they put me in touch with five women who have also had surgery there. Various women between the ages of 28 and 64. With these women, I further tested Breastflower and they’ve all become very excited about it. They confirmed the special, positive feeling that I experienced with Breastflower myself. The luxurious feel-good sensation that Breastflower entails, as well as the feeling of your inner strength, freedom, femininity, and fun—these are all unique. All women have become big fans since then. My motivation for creating Breastflower is to provide positive energy to myself and other women who have undergone mastectomy, as a way to reinforce our own femininity. I hope all women will feel beautiful and glow when wearing Breastflower.

Optimism, freedom, and strength!

I’ve felt tremendously empowered by my family: my husband and four children, as well as my parents, brothers and sisters, family, and family-in-law. They have given me their unconditional love. And also my friends and colleagues with their love, attention, conversations, post cards, and Whatsapp messages.

I have felt and experienced what love can do for you. Love was my anchor during the surgery as well as my recovery afterwards.

Breastflower presents me with a great deal of positivity and optimism in life. Everyday, I wake up happy due to being able to passionately share Breastflower’s story. In different ways, Breastflower has given me love in life, love for myself as well as other people. Thanks to Breastflower, I have been fortunate to welcome plenty of new people in my life who have a warm heart for me and Breastflower. Their help, faith, support, and advice allow me to tell Breastflower’s story every day. I’ll be eternally grateful for this!

At times, I think back to this intense period. My scar reminds me of it on a daily basis, although right now I’m proud to have survived breast cancer and to have been given a new opportunity to live. Therefore, I’m happy to show Breastflower as a breast jewel, as it demonstrates my strength and zest for life.

Breastflower symbolises my inner strength, freedom, and femininity. Through Breastflower, I want to show that mastectomy isn’t weird, negative, or even scary. Rather, you are free to decide whether you want to beautify your scar. That way, you are in charge and that makes you feel powerful. Therefore, my slogan is ‘My female freedom’.

My ambitions and life goals

After a sad time in my life following breast cancer and mastectomy, Breastflower has given me inspiration to live my life for a beautiful purpose: I would love to make a difference for other women with mastectomy and contribute to society. My father used to say: “We are one.” He is always on my mind.


Breastflower is a gift

Breastflower has the symbolic shape of a breast and a flower. A flower evokes joy, as a gift or as decoration. Flowers make everyone happy! I have chosen for the name association with a flower as I consider Breastflower a present to myself, for my courage, my strength, and my zest for life. Breastflower has everything to do with pride: you’re allowed to see it, I’m proud to be alive! In homage to my mother I named my first design after her: ‘Rose’ – Classic Collection.

I hope Breastflower may be a present to you as well, a way to celebrate life. Or a gift to a loved one, to support her and to provide her with positive energy.

Being able to conceal my scar with a beautiful breast jewel whenever I feel like it makes me feel gorgeous, unique, and particularly feminine. My femininity lies in the freedom to make my own decisions, to beautify myself and to create the conditions in which that is possible. Therefore, Breastflower’s slogan is ‘My Female Freedom’: from freedom arises the strength to decide in whatever way you want to live your life.

I hope Breastflower will give you the optimism to do and experience everything you choose for. That Breastflower may be an addition to the joyful moments in life. That it may represent your inner strength, freedom, and femininity. And, very importantly: I hope Breastflower will light you up and remind you that you are loved!

If you would like to share your story with me or have any questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me via I'd love to hear from you!

With love
Kamroen Farzan 

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