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Breastflower as a name

Breastflower has the symbolic shape of a flower as well as a breast. A flower gives rise to feelings of happiness, as a gift or as decoration. I have chosen for the name association with a flower because I think of Breastflower as a present for myself, for my courage, strength, and zest for life. Breastflower has everything to do with pride, you’re allowed to see it, I’m proud to be alive!

I hope Breastflower may be a present to you as well, a way to celebrate life. Or a gift to a loved one, to support her and to provide her with positive energy.

For this reason, we named the designs of our Classic Collection after flowers that convey a beautiful and positive meaning.
‘Rose’ is named after the flower rose and represents love, affection, happiness, and joy.
‘Lily’ is named after the lily and represents pureness and happiness.
‘Camelia’ is named after the camelia and represents beauty.

The design of our Smooth Collection carry the symbolic meaning of our strength, courage, and zest for life.
‘Courage’ is named after our inner strength.
‘Pure Soul’ is named after all the good inside of us and in other people.|
‘Good Luck’ is named after all of our good luck wishes to you.

In Breastflower’s logo, the ribbons and curls form different hearts of love. We have also been inspired by the symbol of a hand mirror, symbolising Venus and Aphrodite, representing beauty.

Breastflower offers various collections with a distinctive look and feel, available in multiple colours and prints.

Breastflower is made of high-quality fabrics, combined with and Swarovski crystals. Breastflower is a breast jewel worn on the skin by means of the special Breastflower Fastening Tape, specifically designed for this purpose. This unique and dermatological Fastening Tape is scar-friendly and safe. Breastflower is worn for its feel-good experience and luxurious feeling.

All Breastflowers are Original Dutch Design Quality, manufactured in a Dutch atelier with great dedication and craftsmanship. Breastflower is protected and patented.

In every ambience, at any moment: wear Breastflower whenever you wish!

'Start each day with a positive thought'

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