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What is Breastflower?

What is Breastflower?

Breastflower is an haute-couture breast jewel for women with a mastectomy. Breastflower is not intended as a substitute for prosthetic bras, but rather as a luxurious feel-good accessory for an elegant and feminine touch.

When do I wear Breastflower?

Breastflower is for those moments when you do not want to wear prosthetic lingerie and wish to give yourself a luxurious sensation. How and when exactly, that's entirely up to you. You can wear Breastflower underneath your clothes, visible as a subtle eye-catcher or as a hidden gift just for you. Or during intimate moments with your partner, for a special and feminine experience.

What materials is Breastflower made of?

At Breastflower, quality and luxury are paramount. Hence, Breastflower is made of high-quality materials and fabrics, including lace, silk, satin, Swarovski crystals, and an interior of cotton fibrefill. Each Breastflower is made by hand in Breastflower's atelier in the Netherlands.

How do I attach Breastflower?

Breastflower is worn directly on the skin of the mastectomy, held in place by means of Breastflower Fastening Tape. As a result, you won’t be bothered by tight straps pinching the skin. Wearing Breastflower feels very lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to move freely. Learn more about how to wear and attach Breastflower.

Where is Breastflower available?

Breastflower is available in our own online store on In addition, you can find Breastflower at a number of lingerie stores in the Netherlands and in Belgium. More information can be found here.

What is Breastflower Fastening Tape?

Breastflower Fastening Tape is a soft, skin-friendly adhesive tape with a double-sided effect. The tape is flexible, breathable, and specifically developed for this purpose. Breastflower Fastening Tape is compliant with strict safety standards and is suitable for contact with fragile skin.

Is Breastflower Fastening Tape reusable?

Each piece of Breastflower Fastening Tape can be reused multiple times. The exact number is dependent on several factors, such as the duration of each use and the extent to which the skin is free of grease and moisture. In any case, we advise you to keep the paper protective strip of the Breastflower Fastening Tape and place it back on the tape whenever you’re not using your Breastflower. This way, you’ll prevent dehydration of the Fastening Tape and may enjoy its convenience even longer.

Where is Breastflower Fastening Tape available?

Each Breastflower ordered comes with three pieces of Breastflower Fastening Tape. After that, Breastflower Fastening Tape can be ordered in our own online store on this page.

Can I use other types of tape to attach Breastflower?

In order to guarantee optimal and safe wearability of your Breastflower, we advise against using any other adhesive tapes on your Breastflower than Breastflower Fastening Tape.

What is Breastflower's mission?

As a pioneer in the field of breast jewels, Breastflower hopes to start breaking the negative atmosphere surrounding mastectomy and breast cancer. Generally, mastectomy is not openly discussed. It is sometimes seen as weird, negative, or even scary, while we should emphasize our strength, femininity, and self-confidence after conquering breast cancer! Breastflower wants to bring in a new sound by collecting and sharing stories of inspiration, pride and optimism with women having undergone mastectomy. Start reading these stories here!

Why is a new sound regarding mastectomy important?

Mastectomy without reconstruction is not always seen as a fully-fledged option. Women undergoing a mastectomy often find that their environment tacitly assumes they will opt for an internal prosthesis. This affects their decision-making process. Afterwards, some of them feel that they have made the choice for a reconstruction too quickly, without having carefully considered other options. By raising awareness for mastectomy without reconstruction, Breastflower hopes to contribute to alleviating the pressure and prejudice surrounding this subject. As a result, women may feel freer to decide based on their own feelings when they are faced with the choice.


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