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Almost all of us know someone close to them or in their wider social circle who has been confronted with breast cancer or another life-threatening disease. It's a subject that evokes intense emotions. At the same time, it also gives rise to a sense of 'we want to help and support as much as we’re able to’.

And that support comes in all shapes and sizes. A visit, for instance, or a call, a postcard, flowers, a gift, a little treat, a message transmitted directly or indirectly.

Looking after each other is in our DNA, it’s what makes us people so beautiful. Breastflower would like to ask you to take a look at how you may offer help and support to women who are faced with breast cancer or a different illness.

You could do so by lovingly supporting one of the great initiatives that have been set up on our globe. With your contribution, more research into breast cancer will be possible. This leads to greater knowledge that will help achieve prevention and remedy of the disease in the future. Our good health is our life!

Breastflower wants to help as well. We do so by partnering with various organisations that offer help to people all over the world, at places where additional support is needed


Breastflower supports Dutch Cancer Society 


Breastflower supports Orange Babies 
For every Breastflower sold, we reserve €5.00 for Orange Babies, Orange Babies fights against the causes and consequences of HIV. The organisation sets up and supports projects in Namibia, South Africa and Zambia for pregnant women, babies, children, and adolescents, in vulnerable communities where HIV infection rates are high. We believe the initiatives of Orange Babies are a great way to jointly spread and convey our strength, optimism, and support. With every Breastflower you purchase, you contribute your positive energy to this. Together, for each other!


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