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KVK Innovation Top 100

The KVK (Chamber of Commerce) Innovation Top 100 is an annual competition for innovative entrepreneurs. Businesses with an innovative product or service have a chance to be nominated. This year, Breastflower is also participating in the race!



What makes Breastflower innovative?


Breastflower is an innovative product because it is a lingerie-and-prosthesis-in-1, the first breast jewel for women with a mastectomy. Breastflower serves as both padding and camouflage. What makes Breastflower unique is that it attaches directly to the missing breast area by means of a scar healing fastening tape designed specifically for the breast jewel. Breastflower camouflages the scar and completes the silhouette.


Breastflower camouflages the scar when a woman is naked. In addition, the fastening tape is scar healing. Furthermore, the silhouette of the breast(s) is restored by Breastflower’s volume. Breastflower is designed to fit in with the general lingerie fashion image.


What is the importance of this innovation?


Worldwide, 1 in 8 women is faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Some of these women have to undergo a mastectomy and the majority feel insecure about their bodies and their sexuality afterwards. This affects their social, physical and mental well-being and their functioning in society. As a complementary lingerie-and-prosthesis-in-1, Breastflower contributes to the mental and physical well-being of these women. Breastflower hopes to make a positive contribution to their self-esteem and recovery after overcoming breast cancer.


Breastflower's mission is to make every woman feel beautiful after a mastectomy. Breastflower would like to convey positive energy to every woman, reminding them that they are allowed to feel confident about who they are, their appearance, their body, their beliefs, etc. Everyone is beautiful and gorgeous is in their own way!

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