My female freedom

Breastflower’s launch

I am grateful and happy everyone is getting to know Breastflower


25 May 2020 
Since 2018—when my idea for designing a unique breast jewel emerged—I have been working on Breastflower, the first breast jewel for women with a mastectomy. 
And now the day has come, the birth of Breastflower! I am happy and grateful that everyone is getting to know my child. 
Breastflower presents me with a great deal of positivity and optimism in life. Everyday, I wake up happy due to being able to passionately share Breastflower’s story. In different ways, Breastflower has given me love in life, love for myself as well as other people. Thanks to Breastflower, I have been fortunate to welcome plenty of new people in my life who have a warm heart for me and Breastflower. Their help, faith, support, and advice allow me to tell Breastflower’s story every day. I’ll be eternally grateful for this! 

The entire world is currently in motion, and our lives are dominated by concerns for safety, health, rest, and stability. Fortunately, we are helped to realise that we are all connected when it comes to support, care, cooperation, and our adaptability. We are all preparing, fantasising, dreaming of another way of life in which we will feel safe and happy again. And herein lies our resilience and perseverance, because together we rise again stronger. 
For this reason, it feels good to share Breastflower's message of 'Positive Mind, Positive Vibe, Positive Life' with everyone and work towards a healthy and happy life. A life in which I want to contribute, through Breastflower, to a mental, physical, and social dignity for women with a mastectomy and everyone who loves them. 
From 25 May 2020 onwards, Breastflower will be available on her own website.  

With love 
Kamroen Farzan 

Positive Mind, Positive Vibe, Positive Life

My female freedom

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