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Marien about Breastflower

“It feels like I am sculpting my body, I feel complete again.”


My name is Marien and this is my story. I'm 64 years old. I live an active life and I enjoy exercising with my family and friends, as well as being creative. I believe it's important to get exercise, so I love swimming, cycling, and gardening. In 2018, I underwent a right-sided mastectomy. I've recovered well from this procedure and have no problems with my scar. Being okay with it, I don't always wear a prosthetic. I love lingerie, but it’s a shame I can't wear it anymore like I used to. Moreover, it hasn’t always been easy for me to find suitable lingerie after undergoing a mastectomy. Therefore, I’m happily looking forward to new designs.

How did I experience Breastflower?

I am one of the women on Breastflower's test panel. When I was invited to participate, I immediately said yes as I’m happy to discover new things in the field of fashion for women with a mastectomy.

I am happily surprised by the effect Breastflower is having on me from day one. The first thing I feedbacked was "It’s awesome!” To me, Breastflower feels like completing my body. I'm sculpting my body in a way, I'm adding something to a scar where there's also an empty space. I’m regaining something with Breastflower. I think this is highly valuable and beautiful. The Breastflower Fastening Tape also feels comfortable on my skin. Applying it is quick and easy. It immediately became part of my body after attaching it.

My experience with Breastflower is very positive, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the new idea of a breast jewel! To me, it is a true addition and a new way to make myself feel good. Breastflower is something really unique for women with a mastectomy, I'm a fan!


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