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Eva about Breastflower

“I hope Breastflower may bring positivity and warmth to many people!”

My name is Eva. Kamroen is my stepmom—therefore, I knew about her idea for Breastflower early on, as well as her dream to share it with other women. The last couple of months I’ve helped Kamroen behind the scenes to get Breastflower up and running. During that time, I’ve seen something that started as a beautiful wish take on an ever-clearer shape. Breastflower has grown into something tangible, something that is ready to venture into the world and make people happy!

To me, Breastflower is a wonderful initiative that I love being involved in. By Kamroen’s enthusiasm as well as the positive responses from other women who test Breastflower, I can tell that Breastflower truly makes a valuable difference for women with mastectomy. That’s a lovely and remarkable thing to see. However, Breastflower not only means a great deal to her direct target audience, but has a much bigger impact. Breastflower triggers something in everyone she comes into contact with—that is where, in my eyes, her strength mainly lies. At Breastflower’s core there is a warm, optimistic message: try to see the positive in events and in others, create connections, discover and harness your own strength, and help the people around you to do the same. This is a message we sometimes need to be reminded of—at times when we worry, when we can only see the negative, or when we feel like we stand alone. Every human being experiences such moments every now and then. Therefore, I believe Breastflower can be a reminder for everyone to recognise all the beauty life has to offer us.

Breastflower is crafted with such love and care, I hope everyone is able to see and feel that. But above all, I hope Breastflower may bring positivity and warmth to many people!

With love,

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