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Breastflower Classic ‘ROSE’

Breastflower Classic ‘ROSE’

Design ‘Rose’ is named after the rose. This flower symbolises love, affection, happiness, and joy. Delivered to you in a luxurious gift box including two Breastflower Fastening Tapes.

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Breastflower Classic 'ROSE' 

The Breastflower Classic Collection features a romantic look and is available in three colours: burgundy, ivory, and black. The design Classic 'Rose' comes in the colour burgundy and is made of rich fabric, combined with lace and Swarovski crystals. It is filled with soft padding that feels very comfortable. Wear this model elegantly underneath a blouse and leave the top button open for a nice glance at your cleavage. Wear your Breastflower however you want and play with all variations in your choice of clothing. ‘Rose’ is named after the rose. This flower symbolises love, affection, happiness, and joy.

Breastflower and Breastflower Fastening Tape are connected in a unique union. Breastflower Fastening Tape is unique and exclusively available at Breastflower. It is specifically designed for this purpose, dermatological and suitable for contact with scarred skin. Every Breastflower purchase comes with two special Breastflower Fastening Tapes. These can be used several times. Breastflower Fastening Tapes are also available separately for re-ordering. Read more about how to wear and attach Breastflower.

Your Breastflower is crafted especially for you in our Dutch atelier. Your order is shipped upon request, with the exact delivery period depending on your location.

Breastflower is brought to you in a luxurious gift and storage box.

Each Breastflower is a unique breast jewel, lovingly made by hand. It is of Dutch Design Quality, patented, and manufactured in our Dutch Atelier Breastflower.

Breastflower is a breast jewel to be worn whenever you choose. As a symbol of your inner strength, freedom, and femininity.

With love, Breastflower 

'Together we are one. Always Smile.' M.H. Farzan

A present for you!
Breastflower gives you a luxurious gift and storage box.

When purchasing a Breastflower, your order is lovingly packaged and delivered to you in a luxurious gift and storage box.

'It's the gift that keeps on giving.' Mary Wiseman

Marien about Breastflower

“It feels like I am sculpting my body, I feel complete again.”

Liesbeth about Breastflower

“Breastflower cheers you up!”
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