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Breastflower Fastening Tape – Size L Amount: 3 pieces

Breastflower Fastening Tape is exclusively developed for the breast jewel Breastflower.
Breastflower Fastening Tape – Size L Amount: 3 pieces

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If you are considering to purchase Breastflower Fastening Tape from outside the Netherlands, please contact us via so we can assist you and process your order as fast as possible.


Breastflower Fastening Tape

Breastflower Fastening Tape is unique and exclusively available at Breastflower. It is specifically designed for this purpose, dermatological and suitable for contact with scarred skin. Moreover, the Breastflower Fastening Tape in this application has been tested by a dermatologist.

The Breastflower Fastening Tape is a dermatological double-sided adhesive tape, offering a perfect attachment as well as safe and comfortable wearability of Breastflower. It consists of a soft and skin-friendly adhesive layer for attachment to the skin and an adhesive layer for optimal attachment to Breastflower fabrics. The skin-friendly adhesive layer has a breathable effect due to being equipped with a perforation pattern. Due to its softness and flexibility, the adhesive layer provides a high degree of wearing comfort on the skin.

Every Breastflower purchase comes with two special Breastflower Fastening Tapes. These can be used several times. Breastflower Fastening Tapes are also available separately for re-ordering. Read more about how to wear and attach Breastflower.

Breastflower's special Fastening Tape is made in Europe out of high-quality skin-friendly material that complies with strict safety regulations and standards, including the ISO 13485 certification. Moreover, the unique and skin-friendly Breastflower tape has passed biocompatibility testing according to the ISO 10993 certification, meaning that the product is fit for skin contact without causing irritation or damage. Breastflower Fastening Tape is 100% skin-friendly.

  • Skin-friendly and dermatological
  • ISO 13485, and ISO 10993 certification
  • High-quality silicone
  • Patented
Sizing: Breastflower Fastening Tape is available in three sizes: Small with a diameter of 12 cm, Medium with a diameter of 14 cm, and Large with a diameter of 16 cm. The measurements correspond to the size of your Breastflower (Small, Medium, Large).

Click here to see the size guide and check the exact measurements
Attaching Breastflower Fastening Tape: Read the instructions on how to attach Breastflower Fastening Tape to you Breastflower and your skin here. Tip: make sure your skin is clean and free from grease (no oil or body lotion on your mastectomy). This will ensure optimal attachment and wearing comfort of Breastflower on the skin.
Purchasing Breastflower: two pieces of Breastflower Fastening Tape are standardly included in the purchase of a Breastflower breast jewel.
Reordering Breastflower Fastening Tape: a reorder of Breastflower Fastening Tape consists of a set of three pieces in the selected size.
Return policy: for hygienic reasons it is not possible to return Breastflower Fastening Tape.

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“It feels like I am sculpting my body, I feel complete again.”
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